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ARIK-A Test Kit & Components

Assessment of Reading Instructional Knowledge – Adults


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ARIKA-A Starter Kit Package

(Allows 25 pre & post assessments in up to 10 settings) Contains:
10 Mini-Manuals
10 Test Booklets - Form A
10 Test Booklets - Form B
10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
25 Response Sheet / Keys (Consumable) (Includes Forms A & B)


ARIKA-A Components that may be ordered individually:

ARIKA-A Response Sheet / Key (pack of 25)

ARIKA-A Test Booklets - Form A (pack of 10) $23.00
ARIKA-A Test Booklets - Form B (pack of 10) $23.00
ARIKA-A FAQ's (pack of 10) $5.00
ARIKA-A Mini-Manuals (pack of 10) $30.00
ARIKA-A Technical Manual (Comprehensive) $10.00

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We want you to use the ARIK-A!
Customized packages (to meet unique needs) may be available upon special request.
Please e-mail us at info@psychoedassociates.com or call (865) 661-9651 for more information.

For more information about using ARIK-A to improve reading instruction for adults,
please click FAQ. Thank You!