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FAQ:On Improving Reading Instruction for Adults With


Assessment of Reading Instructional Knowledge – Adults

How can I use ARIK-A?   If you are an adult education teacher, you can use ARIK-A to determine how much you know about teaching reading to adults, and specifically about teaching word attack/phonics and decoding, and building fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension, and assessment. If you are an administrator, you may use ARIK-A results to assess the knowledge of the adult educators you coordinate.

How can the ARIK-A scores be interpreted?   The scores allow determination of percentage mastery in five areas of teaching reading instruction: alphabetic (word recognition and phonics), fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and assessment. In addition, the scores can be used to compare the examinee's knowledge to peers.

Can the ARIK-A scores be used for professional development?   Yes, the ARIK-A Mini-Manual contains directions for scoring the scales. Worksheets are provided that can be used to plot strengths and weaknesses across the five areas assessed. Once weaknesses are determined, we recommend the examinee use the following resources:

Bell, S.M., & McCallum, R.S. (2008). Handbook of reading assessment. Boston: Pearson/Ally & Bacon.

Kruidenier, J.R.(2002). Research-based principles for adult basic education reading instruction. Washington, DC: National Institute for Literacy. Link to publication.

Kruidenier, J.R., MacArthur, C.A., Wrigley, H.S. (2010). Adult education literacy instruction: A review of the research. Washington, DC: National Institute for Literacy. Link to publication.

McShane, S. (2005). Applying research in reading instruction for adults: First steps for teachers. Washington, DC: National Institute for Literacy. Link to publication.

Why are there two (alternate) forms of the ARIK-A? The two forms can be used in a pre-post test format to determine gains from professional development activities. The items from the two forms are "yoked" so that both forms assess the same content.

How is the ARIK-A administered?    Each form contains 58 multiple-choice items and can be administered individually or in groups via pencil and paper. Administration is not timed, but typically takes about 45 minutes to one hour.

How is the ARIK-A scored?    The test booklet provides a self-scoring format. After the examinee completes the test it can be scored by separating the booklet to expose the scoring key.

What scores are available?    Scores are available for each of the five scales independently, two global areas (Basic Reading Global Score and Advanced Reading Global Score), and a total score, the Reading Instructional Knowledge Composite.

Can you describe the standardization sample?    These data were collected from adult educators from all geographic regions of the United States based on population characteristics obtained from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE). Because the data are representative of adult educators from the entire U.S., examinees' scores can be compared to those of peers.

How can I get detailed information about development of the ARIK-A?    A Technical Manual is available for purchase from Psychoeducational Associates, P.C. The Technical Manual has detailed infromation about item selection and pilot studies, psychometirc properties of the scales, information describing the standardization detail and a complete set of worksheets.

How can I order the ARIK-A?    Please click Order ARIK-A for pricing and ordering information.


For more information about using ARIK-A to improve reading instruction for adults, please click FAQ. To order the ARIK-A Test Kit, please click ORDER. Thank You!